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Infectious disease

Product codeProduct nameMethod
HBsAgHepatitias B Surface Antigen
Anti-HBsAnti Hepatitis B SurfaceCLIA
HBeAgHepatitis B E AntigenCLIA
Anti-HBeAnti Hepatitis B ECLIA
Anti-HBcAnti Hepatitis B coreCLIA
HIV-Ag/AbAntibodies and Antigens to Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1+2CLIA
Anti-HCVAnti-hepatitis C virusCLIA
HAV-IgMHepatitis A Virus-Immunoglobulin MCLIA
HEV-IgMHepatitis E Virus-Immunoglobulin MCLIA
HEV-IgGHepatitis E Virus-Immunoglobulin GCLIA
Pre-S1Hepatitis B Virus PreS1 Antigen